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JAllInOneWeb is an ERP java web riich application based on Restful web services and a rich front-end based on Sencha ExtJS graphics components.

JAllInOneWeb application has been developed according to the MVC paradigm: front-end is based on javascript and can be executed on any recent browser such as Chrome or Mozilla. GUI layer can communicate with the server tier through HTTP/JSON messages, managed by Restful web services. The Data Access layer han been realized through JPA, the standard ORM layer provided with JEE 5. This solution is therefore fully compliance with the Java Platform 5 and can be executed in Tomcat as well as in a JEE Server.

It has been tested in Google AppEngine server, as well, though the open source solution does not provide the layer for the cloud version of this ERP.

JAllInOneWeb ERP features
Unlimited number of lines of business, brands and item hierarchies, Items, Item variants and sub variants, Barcodes support, Minimum stocks, ABC classification and items reordering, Bill of materials and production, Sales and Point of sale, Purchases, Warehouse, Orders tracking, Expirations and payments, Accounting, Agenda, CRM, Customers and contacts hierarchies, Spare parts catalogue, Callouts and appointments management, Document management, Users and roles management, database schema management, grids and forms customization, reporting solution based on Jasper Report, reports customization, embedded ETL import processes (for items, supplier items, customers, sale pricelists, supplier pricelist), with manual and scheduled activation.

Multi-user, multi-currency, multi-company, multi-language (currently are available full translations for english and italian..

JAllInOneWeb installation is simplified by means of a wizard, Swing based, that can be executed from the shell: it can be used to create the database structures and initial data, as well as the Application Server and th e web application.

What's new

If you are interested on this product, you could contribute by providing translations for other languages than English and Italian: if interested, please contact the author

2011-04-03 JAllInOneWeb release 1.0 is available for download.