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Installation Info

In this page will be described how to deploy JAllInOneWeb inside an Application Server, such as Tomcat.


Deploy JAllInOneWeb in a web container

Server-side application can be runned in Tomcat. A Tomcat 6 distribution is already provided together with the distribution and can be automatically installed through the included setup wizard.

Before executing the A.S., it is also required:

  • the creation of an empty database schema: JAllInOneWeb has been tested
  • the availability of the correct JDBC driver (according to the database you have chosen); this file (or these files) must be included in the classpath of the setup.sh/setup.bat file used to start the setup wizard, otherwise it will not be possible for the wizard to connect to the empy database and create the structures and data required by the application
  • JDK 1.6 must be already installed and java command must be callable from the shell
  • execute setup.bat (for Windows OS) or ./setup.sh (for Linux/MacOS OS) and follow the instructions

The setup wizard can be used to:

  • create the database structures and initial data or to update the database for next releases; creation or update are automatically managed by the wizard
  • install Tomcat A.S. on the file system; note that this step can be skipped by the user, in case of JAllInOneWeb has been already installed and must be olnly updated
  • deploy the web application within the A.S., for first installation or next releases

After this step, you have to manually include the JDBC driver in the A.S. classpath, in order to allow JallInOneWeb to connect to the database through it. For instance, in case of Tomcat 6: you have to copy jar files related to JDBC driver within "lib" folder.
Note that for MS SQLServer there are two different JDBC drivers, an order and a newer (for java 6 and SQLServer 2005/2008) JDBC driver: be sure to select the correct driver in the setup wizard provided by JAllInOne.

It is strongly recommended not to install Tomcat in a path having spaces (e.g. c:\Program files); avoid this kind of paths!

In case of Linux it could be needed to change privileges of the user used to start Tomcat, in order to allow the use of the HTTP ports used by Tomcat.

The application may be accessed through a browser by connecting to




Developing reports
All report templates have been created using iReport open source report designer. Currently 4.5.1 version of Jasper Report is runned.