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Production management

JAllInOneWeb provides management of relevant data for production: operation sequences and BOM's (Bill of Material lists).

Bill of Material List functionality allows to define the product in terms of manufacture code and components list and related quantities. Alternative components definition is available too. Implosion and explosion of components/products is provided. BOM can be printed too.

Manufacture mangament requires the definition of operation's sequences. Alternative operation definition is available too. Production costs definition is supported too.



Current production functionalities of JAllInOneWeb provide the creation of manufacturing orders and jobs printing.

A product order requires a list of products and relative quantities and a warehouse used to unload components required for the production of the specified products.

When saving the order, all components are automatically determined. If there are required components not available in the specified warehouse, then alternative components are searched. If components are not available then the production order cannot be confirmed. The components list reports the required quantities and available quantities (in the specified warehouse) for each required component. Components not available are showed in red color.

When confirming the production order, all components are automatically unload from the warehouse and warehouse movements are generated.



It is available a report that describes all products in the production order and for each product the required components and required manufactures (operation's sequences, duration, etc).



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